Nexus 5X vs iPhone 6s vs Samsung Galaxy S6 – 3 Way Comparison

Here is our 3 way comparison between the Nexus 5X vs the Apple iPhone 6s vs the Samsung Galaxy S6.

More info on the LG Nexus 5X:

More info on the Samsung Galaxy S6:

More info on the iPhone 6s:

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28 Comments on Nexus 5X vs iPhone 6s vs Samsung Galaxy S6 – 3 Way Comparison

  1. S6 is "premium" bling and in terms of performance you will get 5-8% with
    Samsung S6 than with Nexus 5X… So S6 in general is not worth the
    price. Samsung obviously wants to compete with Apple, since Apple is
    holding the premium market for many years.. But premium definitely
    doesn't mean "the best" in this case, you will pay couple of hundred
    euros/dollars more for the "bling". So, for the price, Nexus 5X is the
    obvious choice hands down!

  2. Nice video, too bad it's extremely biased. First of all Iphone 6S and S6 Edge are not in the same price range, they are 300-400€ more expensive phones so that was a miss. You should've compared Iphone 6 and normal Galaxy S6 then you would get somewhat fair comparison and they would still not be in the same price range, both of those are still more expensive than Nexus 5X. You really can't do such comparsion where you favor one over other, it's clear that you are rooting for samsung, it's actually annoying. Also I find this > "watch?v=hJJnvGMkweo" comparison much more reliable when they are compared side by side and how they behave while tasking, multitasking, gaming, camera tests.. Too bad, nice video, bad review..

  3. Notice the camcorder test…the NEXUS 5X was ultra sharp, great detail, outstanding color coordination and looks very realistic. Yeah it has a minor shake but look the best out of three. IMO the color is better reproduction on the video play back the the other 3 also if you look close. I hear that the color looks washed, IMO its very realistic again. Samsung edge and all Samsung colors are over exaggerated. Black in real life is not always super black depending on the light conditions. it has shades. Samsung is always super black and often people hype it up, "Oh the Blacks are Gorgeous". LOL Ill take the Nexus 5X. Anything its missing can be added.

  4. Interesting , life buys are certain key not what they seem, be ahead of the game , buy an old timex and a pay as you go £10 phone just for safety , keep your money , they are forever going wrong if your not a it expert it will cost you to set up all these gadgets and every time they go wrong your round all your life getting your gadgets updated , live your life! Don't let all these devices live it for you, mu I pad and phone have cost me in private around £ 1000 on top every time I had them set up , lost days lost money , sorry but true SueX

  5. Hmm… Waj you found the iPhone 6S battery life "Upsetting"… Sounds like you are cheering for the iPhone. Is the iPhone your daily goto phone? Samsung S6 Plus is the gotta have phone.

  6. I have a 5x and love it. It's a lot cheaper than the others here so think it stands up very well in your tests. 6.0 needs sorting as not everything works that well but that will come in time.

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