New Leaked Photos Of The iPhone 7 Prove The Rumours Are True

A new set of images from China allegedly showing the new iPhone seem to confirm long-held rumors about the device.

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44 Comments on New Leaked Photos Of The iPhone 7 Prove The Rumours Are True

  1. this is why i dont use apple. this idea sux, touchscreens are not guaranteed to always react and the screen can freeze. if youre aaying the whole screen is gonna be a screen then why? that supports the freeze part and i mean cmon, why have a touchacreen and not a button?? i dont really need to say much cuz my point is pretty obvious

  2. legit everything in this video is incorrect, the "no home button" rumor for the iPhone was discarded some time ago, Apple is going to remove the home button on the iPone 7s/8 and replace it with force touch, thats because the fingerprint scanner has to go under the display, secondly, the recent leaks and rumors from trusted sources say that the camera will still be a hump, it will not stay flush with the back of the device, lastly, its physically impossible for an iPhone camera to take better pictures than a DSLR, because of the difference in lens size, and the best camera on any smartphone is that on the Galaxy S7 (as tested by DxOMark, a website dedicated to testing photo quality of cameras, including smartphones.)

  3. Okay IPhone 7………….and iPhone 8 will be coming out nxt yr…..if your thinking of where I heard the information…..I just went to a store to swap my iPhone and hen they sed come back next year's as nd we can swap yours for the new iPhone 8

  4. So you're "coming back to Iphone every time" Because of their better specifications? I'm sorry but there's a lot more brands out there that have same, if not better specs, for less than half of the price.

  5. See I like my iPhone 5 perfectly fine. The 6 is too big in my opinion. And also why the heck would they remove the headphone jack on the 7 besides making it slimmer? People are gonna pay hundreds of dollars to get the new phone, and then have to buy all new headphones to go with it! Not to mention more chargers to keep up with, and I would be afraid onto listen to music at school for fear it would play out loud. Also Bluetooth headphones are really aggravating bc sometimes they just won't connect. Trust me my brother has some. The only update I'll be getting in the future is the 6SE

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