NEW Blackberry Priv Unboxing and review hands on !

Blackberry Priv Review 2016, Click here

Now that the Blackberry Priv is in house, we plan to give it the ol’ dipsy-doo review. Of course, we first wanted to take it for a spin in the unboxing machine to give you some first impressions with this Android-powered Blackberry phone. How odd does that sound?

Anyways, here we go! Full review is on the way.
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19 Comments on NEW Blackberry Priv Unboxing and review hands on !

  1. Your presentation was a bit sniffling and condescending in tone. If you are truly the expert you assume you are, when does your phone hit the market? Some of you self proclaimed tech experts really annoy me. Perfection could be presented to you with a bow on it and you would gripe about the color of the bow. You probably are from the Apple zombie crowd and nothing will ever be good enough. You should start by giving the Apple products a more honest critique!

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