NEW Apple iPhone 6s – Final Leaks & Rumors

Apple iPhone 6s Final Leaks and Rumors
Apple iPhone 7 Final Leaks and Rumors.
Hey Guys,
In this video i’ll be giving you the general rundown of all the latest Apple iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 Rumors. Its expected that the iPhone 6S will run the latest iOS 9 and feature a new A9 processor as well as 2gb of ram. Couple with a 12mp camera that can shoot up to 4k, the iPhone 6S is shaping up to be a nice phone. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and make sure to Like, Subscribe, Share, and Comment!

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  1. Good video but since most of this isn't confirmed yet I personally don't think you should talk like it is going to be there for sure. Instead of "there is going to be this feature" maybe say "this feature is a good possibility" or something similar. Once again good video. 

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