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NBA 2K16 Tips & Tricks Playlist –


42 Comments on NBA 2K16 Tips and Tricks – HOW TO PLAY LOCKDOWN DEFENSE IN NBA 2K16

  1. I'm from the UK and I like basketball but I hardly know much about the history of the NBA but every time I see the super sonics I think of that episode of Frasier where Niles help that player and he ends up having a awesome spell of games

  2. I tried everything you said in this video and it only partially works. The player still doesn't react fast enough on first steps and the "bump" cheese still happens often (where if you're controlling the defender and you're slightly out of position, the ball-handler can slightly bump you and get by you easily). Basically, one has to be the computer to play on-ball defense.

  3. I never comment on videos but sat through most of this guys videos the same week I bought 2k16, still come back for some tips. Hands down the best explanations and walkthroughs out there. Keep it up bro and maybe put up some My Team help for us who are just starting the online side of it

  4. I thank this video so much as it made my defence sooo much better. If anything I enjoy playing defence more than offence. Plus this is so effective against cheesers as well

  5. great video i enjoyed it i laughed my ass off at that laugh at 2:19 because that's exactly what i do when i get beat and it annoyed the shit out of me lol and then it came up to 4:13 hahahhaha … great vid Daryus im gonna hit that subscribe button for ya =)

  6. good video, you taught me a few things off the bat, cuz I hadn't played the 8th gen era of 2k sports games, only the old 360 and ps2 versions, but you shouldn't only say "on the ps4 and xbox 1" you should say "on any system" because a lot of us DO play on the PC. I personally use the steam controller which I like better for these new sports games than xbox controllers. (I never liked sony controllers, yuck) the track pad on the steam controller allows me to simply quickly touch an area on the track pad instead of "flicking a stick" lol feel me? but great video though. I didn't know that holding the LT drains my stamina! big help for keeping curry and Thompson AND Igoudala in the game LONGER. THANK YOU

  7. Yo Daryus love your videos mang. I haven't played bball games since like live '95 so these are giving me revelations. Love the delivery too crackin my ass up.

  8. Great video! I just started playing 2k16 and wanted to know how to improve. Last nba game I played was 2k11, so it has been a bit difficult getting used to the new and more realistic 2k16. I jumped into the myteam mode, and have not done well. My cpu teammates lose their man too much it seems. I am going to try using your tips to play better on ball defense and hopefully that will improve my team defense. Thank you.

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