My Top 5 Smartphones for 2015

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My Top 5 picks of smartphones that I liked in 2015 these are the top 5 picks of high end smartphones that were launched in 2015, I’ll also post another video after a few days with the mid-range devices that I liked in 2015.

My Top 10 mid-range smartphones for 2015 video

My In-depth reviews for the Top 5 smartphones

Google Nexus 6P
Samsung Galaxy Note 5
iPhone 6s review
Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge
Moto X Style

All of my smartphone reviews

26 Comments on My Top 5 Smartphones for 2015

  1. I've used S6 and iPhone 6S as well… I own my own 6S and it's far better… And when coming to the con you told in the video, it never took me to charge for upto 2 hours or something, from 0 to 100, but just 20-30 minutes and if you charge from 60 and above, it's just awesome… And coming to iPhone Camera, they make the best ones in the entire world. Even S6 camera doesn't take great images in low light and even the so called LG G4… It's the best camera. The best camera need not have a higher megapixel, like 20 or something, it has some other things, when it comes to a great camera, like one in iPhone. And you didn't tell of Hey Siri, Handsfree and also the Live Photos and also Front Camera Flash, in which the screen itself flash and get some awesome images in low light, lowest light as well… I'll call iPhone 6S as not only the best phone of 2016, but, the best Smartphone ever…


  2. Can you please tell the points you keep in mind when you talk about the quality of the screen of a device. And also I haven't seen you talking about the sensitivity and smoothness of touch much in your videos. Do you cover it as part of screen quality. Please answer my questions.

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