My New iPhone 6s ( Unboxing and Review )

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42 Comments on My New iPhone 6s ( Unboxing and Review )

  1. Quick Tip: Never, ever take off the plastic protection. When you're at the place you buy your phone always ask them to put on your screen protector there & then. That way it will always be perfect everytime.

  2. omg u have a Lamborghini!! isnt there only like a few hundred in the world?! u r rich#!!!!! plz give me an iphone 7 when it comes out! ive used android my whole life and i want to see what apple has to offet

  3. and please stop sending this fool fan mail,because he really dont appreciate your gifts.his a selfish fat pig that waits for your mail and then he savages through them looking for something expensive alongside his sister.his just using you guys so he can gain some popularity,if i saw him i would have punched him in the face and told him to get a job!fucking show off!

  4. this guy is really a dickhead.his an unemployed mummys boy,that hasnt got a job,his rude to his mum and his sister is a spoilt bitch!honest truth!!and when he sees another person in a lambo or ferrari he turns into their bitch..aint gonna lie only reason why i watch his vids is coz the dubai footage he takes sometimes is really nice,aint gonna lie.

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