Moto X Style Impressions!

Moto X Style & Pure Edition hands-on and first impressions!

dxomark Moto X Style camera review:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down, Start Over


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  1. hello are you experiencing any issues with the top speaker or bottom I just want to make sure before I buy the Moto x style because I will not buy it if the speakers are distorting or crackaling plz could you come back with a reply as soon as possible because I do not want to buy one and find out the speakers are rubbish/crackaling thx bye

  2. My plan is to go from an iPhone 5C to the Moto X Pure/Style in a month or two. My only hesitation is the camera. My 5C camera isn't the greatest and I wouldn't want to downgrade on that. A friend of mine has a Moto G 3rd gen and that camera is awful so I wouldn't want something like that. I'd really appreciate any opinions, tips, or advice!

  3. Please don't buy Motorola phones. Worst phone company in this world. Very pathetic service, they took 70 days to fix my moto X 2nd gen display. Now they are charging me very high price for display when the price of the phone itself has gone down.

    No one bother to respond to my mails and whenever I called all they said was I will be receiving call But I never did. If anyone wants to know how pathetic the company is they should contact me I have records and email.

    False promises they made. They didn't even had the courtesy to give discount on repair. It was more than two months.

    My job sheet number is AMSBAG006799.

    Pathetic, filthy company. I hope they suffer like I did.

    Finally I got a new Samsung phone. My Moto x 2nd gen is still at service center, that was my 4th Motorola phone and it will be the last one. Fuck Motorola. Fuck you for cheating me and selling the phone without spares.

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