Moto X Style Dual Sim India Unboxing and Hands On Video – iGyaan 4k

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The new Moto X Style comes at a price of Rs. 29999. Check it out
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34 Comments on Moto X Style Dual Sim India Unboxing and Hands On Video – iGyaan 4k

  1. Can anyone confirm if I opt to return this mobile and I have all
    accessories in proper condition but the headphone wrapper with barcode
    is missing. Will flipkart use it as excuse to deny return?

  2. Hello. Nice video.. I was thinking of buying this phone.. But i have heard/read from a lot of people that it hangs and lags terribly while doing basic functions such as calling, browsing and texting.. Is it true? I will not consider it if that is the case. Thanks

  3. Moto suks.. I last time used Moto g2 very well…. So nice…I was so attract by the model and functions… It have 16 rom usage memory is 12 gb…Then why not in Moto x style 16/ gb version…. It's shows only the 8 gb cheater….This is so much disappointed me for 30000 thousand… Moto g2 is the only 13000 thousand when can I buy…….

  4. शर्माजी मैंने इसका cdma version India में मिलता हैं क्या इसके बारेमे पूछा था ! आपकी तरफसे कोई जवाब नहीं मिला हैं ! कृपा करके जवाब दे दीजिये

  5. Hey, Bharat! Hope you are kind enough to reply to the comment. I'm deciding between Nexus 6P and Moto X Pure on which one to buy. I had two questions.
    1. Is it going to be available in other customized varients other than the black and white?
    2. Is the notification light behind the speaker grill actually usable? Is there a setting to put it into use or can we not use it at all.

  6. hello Bharat, how is the battery backup with casual gaming and whole day on wifi. And should it purchase this or wait for another month or two for upcoming phones..??

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