Moto X Pure Edition Review: Big Deal

Got more detailed questions about the newest Motorola flagship? Check out Pocketnow’s full Moto X Pure Edition review here:

Back in 2013, the original Moto X was a breath of fresh air to a smartphone community already growing fatigued of phablet disease. It was a smaller, humbler phone that focused on usability, not bragability: a smartphone to restore sanity.

The sanity was short-lived. Last year’s sequel to the original Moto X upped the build quality and processor specs, and also significantly expanded the phone’s size. It was still a fantastic device, but in inflating itself to appeal to a mainstream audience, it lost some of the whimsy that had made its predecessor so compelling.

Flash forward to 2015 … and it seems the newly “Lenovo-fied” Motorola has no intention of returning to a niche audience. The Moto X Pure Edition (or Moto X Style if you live outside the US) is a 5.7-inch, Quad-HD monster of…

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  1. Hey guys. I was wondering if you would recommend this coming from an HTC One M8. I broke it and for the life of me, i can never seem to find an HTC 10 anywhere in stores. I like this because of the stock android and google experience just like the HTC but I don't know any one that has this. recommend?

  2. I'm never buying anything from Motorola again, horrible cameras, cheap build quality. I dropped my Droid Turbo form the roof and the screen was destroyed and considering how expensive replaceents for these phones are they are just not worth it. I had to throw my turbo to the trash.

  3. I do really like this phone, but what about battery life? Looks like i will be hanging out with my 2013 Motorola Droid Max with very good battery life 37 hrs one charge…

  4. I do wish it was smaller like first gen, I still grab it and love how it feels in my hand. Moto pure is what I've wanted for awhile, being unlocked and a pure Android experience. I tried a Samsung S7 and immediately missed having notifications handy and that horrible physical button! blech

  5. Don't buy the phone, the build quality is a joke , there are hundreds of threads on the moto/lenovo forum ,with people complaining about various elements of the phone failing. I have had mine for 3 months and the display has failed twice(I am not alone with this issue ) it has been for a repair once already, now I have to send it again. I REPEAT – DO NOT BUY THIS DEVICE.

  6. Wow… I must say… thank you very much pocket now !!! I knew this was a really tough choice to make, but a detailed comparison between both of them, thanks to this video, made up my mind. Personally, I also think that the moto x pure would be a better choice, in terms of quality and price. I have been using a moto g LTE for around 3 years now as a student, and it has never let me down, despite the amount of load I put in it. Its finally time for an upgrade, and hope the moto x pure does the same.
    Once again, thanks pocket now for this brilliant video!

  7. do u have the top speaker issue with crackaling and popping because before I buy this phone I want to know if the phones speakers are good quality because I don't want to be disappointed when I order one and unbox it thanx PLZ try and get back to me thx

  8. Taking advantage of Motorola Monday sale and purchasing me this beast. I have always been an iPhone user. I selected this over any Samsung because I'm one who like updates when it's available also it's a Motorola. What more can I ask for.

  9. I have this phone and I have to say that its not worth to buy it. $400 seems like a steal until you realize that Lenovo owns motorola now and they employ dirty tricks to save money. I bought the phone when it first came out and it was held at the port because Lenovo insured the shipment of 10,000 phones as a shipment of much less. I had to call the shipping company to tell them the price of my phone and it was delayed three weeks. Motorola did not even try to help me. Also the charger that came with it doesn't have a usb slot in it so it is cheaper to manufacture. The charger failed in four months and when I called Motorola they said I had to pay for shipping to have it replaced after four months. On top of that after the 6.0 update the phone is laggy and apps crash. I loved the 2014 Moto X and thats why I got this phone. However those were the days when Google owned Motorola and I'm sad to say that Motorola is garbage. I likee my friends 5x better than my Moto x so I pulled the trigger and bought a Nexus 6p and I love it. I dont do business with companies that dont care about customers.

  10. too bad the pure edition isn't available in Canada…..I am actually shopping only with companies that offer us their flagship phones….especially with the cost of cell phones today, we want the best for our buck! and therefore will be boycotting my shopping from companies that do not offer us their best products….especially being on the same land ….

  11. I own the Pure Edition 2015 and am enjoying it alot I got the wood version and a engraving of my name on the back. Battery usage is obviously going to be different for each person. I usually get 3 hrs 10 minutes before putting it on battery saver for last 8%. Love the Moto feuturs like Moto Voice and Moto Display and talk to me reads my notifications while I am driving. Love the display and build quality. Also the speakers are amazing for content consumption. Camera is no Note 5 but for me it's amazing quality. Stock Android all latest updates. Overall I recommend this phone to anyone who wants a solid all around phone.

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