Moto X Play Review!

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The Moto X Play is a great phone at a great price.

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42 Comments on Moto X Play Review!

  1. You are now my go to guy for mobile phones. That was hands the best phone review ive ever watched. Up until yesterday I was using the Moto G but the software crashed and I received a refund. They tried to sell me the Moto play and I was slightly dubious. At the moment I have found this phone at £159 in sainsburys  I was just wondering if there is anything that comes close for the same value. Oh and no smart phones with dumb batteries please that's so 2013. I need one that will last at least 30 hours. Thanks in advance.

  2. You have earned a subscriber. I had a Moto X 2nd Gen and dropped it last Friday night in Toronto and a transvestite pretended to pass it back to me but ran off. Not making that up. The Police tried to help me out, but even my carrier laughed when I told them.

    They are sending me a Moto X Play as a replacement. I am very happy with these phones. Your review made me feel better about getting my replacement phone and the same of having a Transgender being running off with my phone.

  3. Please Help me !!

    From which App or Software you edit this m Videos ??

    I am also Going to make a new Channel about Mobile And Tips & Tricks of Mobile !!

    So Please Help me !! Please

  4. how is the camera of this phone and secondly what about the battery life?i want to buy this phone should i buy it or see for some other phone in the range of Rs 20000??

  5. I have the original moto g, and the camera in that was absolute horseshite.
    Considering stepping over to this one, mostly because of the 2gb ram, stock android (although that is more of a nice bonus, as i don't have to uninstall the skin now… :P), and the expandable storage.
    The only thing i don't really like is the interactive movement features and its size.

    The first problem i think i'm gonna run into is turning on my camera in my pocket and making about 7gb worth of pictures.
    Not only that but "It notices when you pick it up." worries me also.
    I am asuming that this function is based on sudden irrational gyroscope-sensed movement from a zero point location.
    I have had my doubts about this, as i usually don't move around much, and i am quick.
    Quick in movement that is… :3
    Which is partially why i think that the screen activating when you pick it up is unneccecary, since you can just push the power button when picking it up.
    Not that hard.
    Not talking about the phone now.
    Oh well…

    The second problem i mentioned is size.
    Why. Do all. Phone manufacturers. MAKE SUCH GIANT FUCKING TITANS?! o-o
    If i want a tablet, i'll get a fucking tablet.
    If i want a phone, let it be 4.5" at the very most.
    For those wondering why this is an issue for me, i wear headphones when cycling.
    Phone in me pocket, wires in me phone.
    The problem here is that i will crush the jack of my headphones when sitting down with a phone this size.
    Also, bendybend.
    Yea, it isn't apple, but it still is 5.5".

    Over all, i still think i am gonna buy it, since my current Moto G almost crashes when trying to switch between apps.
    (I wish that were a joke.)
    It's just that in today's mobile society size matters.
    A lot.
    Almost as much as dick size.
    Hearing that about one of the above is more than enough thank you.

    Anyhow, thanks for the review, didn't change much, but at least took away SOME of my doubt.
    Stay good mate. ^^

  6. Dude, that was probably the best video review I've seen on almost any product. I love the optimistic view you threw upon the shortcomings of this mid-range device, all while reminding us that this is just that, mid-range. Yes it is a great buy if that's all you want. I will say though, the little differences between this particular model and the realized improvements of a flagship, or near flagship model would well be appreciated to make the financial leap to pay the difference. Nice phone, but looks and performance count for nothing if it doesn't have the features and refinement we have all become to expect out of our smartphones today, regardless of brand. JMO. Great vid, I've liked and subscribed!!

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