Moto X Play Hands-on!

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The Moto X Play is coming to Canada, the U.K. and 53 other countries in August. It may not have the great specs of the Moto X Style, but the Play has a 3630mAh battery and a 21MP camera.

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22 Comments on Moto X Play Hands-on!

  1. the worst phone ever i had no camera clarity no proper apps can install no font style the worse phone ever seen heating problem no proper battery backup lack of wifi distance

  2. this phone is excellent, the battery and camera are as good as people are claiming they are.
    However, the best thing about this phone, is its price! I can't believe it's this cheap. It just proves that we don't need to pay a fortune to get decent phones.

  3. I have both the moto x 2013 and 2014, and now the moto x play.
    It performs WORSE in every case than both moto x that preceded it, and even the 2013 model.
    It stutters and lags all over the UI and apps.
    Haven't tried the style (or pure edition US), but I don´t recommend anyone to get into the moto x play, literally it made me concern about the decisions that are being made on motorola/lenovo…

  4. so im getting this phone on a contract for 0$ for 45 per month with 500mgb of data and call with unlimited text and on top of that 15$ added to 45 for the actual phone and as i gift when i open a new tab i get a free moto 360 watch. so what you think?, is it good or what? XD

  5. I am all torn between the Moto X play VS the Oneplus One (it's so affordable right now.) VS. the Oneplus Two.

    What should I get ? I need great battery life because I am on my feet all day and use it quite heavily. Mostly for surfing/messaging/Social media/media in general. Not a heavy gamer though but lots of music, pictures and data.
    It needs to last easily for 2 years

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