Moto X Force – Unboxing and first impressions

Motorola’s Moto X Force flaunts what it describes as an unbreakable screen as we drop it out the box. What other features does this Android device provide? John McCann gives his first impressions.

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  1. What is it with people thinking things have to be made of metal? I don't know of any other item that has to be metal regardless of how inappropriate it is. And lets be honest a smooth, slippy metal back on a phone isn't a great idea

  2. Stock Android and I mean Google's version with Nexus is the best Android experience around and when I heard h say 5.1.1 I he list my interest in this Motorola crap.

  3. It's not dual speakers, one is a mic. But that one speaker is loud and the sound is good. Had mine for a week now and I have quite a lot of apps on it and have not noticed it slowing down. Although I am experiencing random heating events. It gets very warm when using Google cardboard (which maybe is normal as it's quite a demanding thing for the phone to run) but also sometimes when I'm watching YouTube, and sometimes not. Starting to wonder if I should send it back for replacement. Otherwise, very happy with mine. Screen is good, sound is good, both on videos and calls. Anyone getting the claimed 48 hour use between charges? I'm certainly not. Battery lasts all day, I put it on charge about midnight every day with about 30% remaining. I'm certainly no more than a moderate user. Checking email half a dozen times a day and maybe watching half a dozen YouTube video's. No way I'm getting 48 hours out if this unless I switch it on with a full charge when I get up at 7am and don't use it at all. Still a great phone though, I'm happy with it overall.

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