Moto G4 Plus vs Lenovo ZUK Z1 [Comparison] – Which one should you buy?

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Moto G4 Plus and ZUK Z1 are two closely related and closely priced smartphones available in the Indian market right now. With powerful specs and killer pricing, they are two great smartphones. But which one should you buy?

SyD and Keshav are here to tell you there take on the two phones…

Moto G4 Plus price in india : Rs 14,999
ZUK Z1 price in india: Rs 13,998

For specs and details on Moto G4 Plus:

For specs and details on ZUK Z1:

Moto G4 Plus full review in English:

Moto G4 Plus full review in Hindi:

Lenovo ZUK Z1 first impressions:

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21 Comments on Moto G4 Plus vs Lenovo ZUK Z1 [Comparison] – Which one should you buy?

  1. i understand that the zuk z1 has a good prooccesor compared to g4 but how can the current high end games can play smoothly because there is no OPENGL ES 3.1.
    capered to g4 the g4 has new proccessor and new adreno but it is overheated and its got quick charge 3
    but g4 is stock or near stock will it get future updates and camera is gd in z1
    i like cyanogen but i donot like the older cpu
    i like to flash roms tooo

    so as u can see confuced ………………
    plz plz plz
    help me………

  2. Biased Review…Dey r sponsored by Moto for defaming Zuk…I am having Zuk Z1 and my friend is having Moto… He says in every aspect the Zuk Z1 prevails over Moto G4 plus and even i hv experienced d same… G4 plus is no match in terms of front camera, battery lyf and performance…Also d internal storage is more, much reliable and faster
    ….The rear camera opinion is subjective as me and my friend found Zuk Z1 pics to be more color accurate and detailed compared to G4 plus…Also der is no front flash on G4 plus….And d 100% ntsc rate gives zuk z1 display an edge over G4 plus…. G4 plus has got lagging and heating issues as welll….Zuk z1 indeed is d best gaming phone available under 15K for playing heavy games 7 to 8 hours continuously widout any lags and heating issues…

  3. great .. both you guys compare mobiles in such a bindas way …
    I recently subscribe 91 mobile so my first query is related to my likes
    I love to play games on mobile.
    I want full hd resolution on screen.
    I am a camera lover want to click better picture not blurry.
    I am feild engineer so I cant put my mobile on charging again and again on working hours.
    I listen music to relex myself so want nice sound in mobile.

    so bros. please suggest me a good mobile as per my likes.
    hint : dose lenovo zuk z1 full fill that all or I should go on other choice .

    reply fatafat ………..

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