Moto G4 Plus Unboxing

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The Moto G4 Plus features a 5.5-inch full-HD display, a fingerprint sensor and a 16-megapixel rear camera with PDAF. Here’s a quick look at the device.

Moto G4 Plus Full Specifications:
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Moto G4 Plus Review:

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30 Comments on Moto G4 Plus Unboxing

  1. nice work sir….

    I got it on 29May and no issue . But only that battery when first time I charged it //it took around 1:35hr to charge but on second time the turbocharge takes almost more than 2hr…..anyone facing this problem..any solution ????

  2. Why is there hole in the back cover and something on the left side of fingerprint scanner? Something makes me think lenovo is gonna ruin all that Motorola has built since the first moto X. And the fingerprint scanner looks bad. Rounded phone with square scanner on the bottom? Why didn't you utilize the motorola logo spot on the back? Also if the bottom has only fingerprint scanner and sides are unused then its waste of space – iphone style. Excitement decreased dramatically. It looks better than some 'leak' from few weeks ago but…

  3. hey do u get all this devices for free from the companies to do a review and unboxing video

    and if yes then how to apply for it and what are the necessities for it to get it
    and is it a contract

    reply faster

  4. Moto G4 Plus is not water-resistant anymore, instead comes with a nano-coating on top of it. –

    "The resistance to water is a welcome new feature for the Moto X series". The feature is not new!!! Ever since the Razr i, Motorola phones have water repellent nano coating. It's just that they did not advertise it before

    I had a Moto X Play Nano Coating and it failed miserably within two months. Not water proof. I have lost this phone in a light rain splash and as per support it is "Beyond Economic Recovery". Do Not Buy!!!!!!
    Never buy Moto phones, you will have to wait 3-4 hours to find a warranty support. Such long queue is in front of service center.
    The camera software is worst. Even google software is better than this camera software

    Buy some Asus phone, Lower Priced, Better Build and Camera and Software :)

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