Moto G4 Plus Tear Down, Parts View & Assembly: Hindi Full

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See the teardown and assembly of Moto G4 Plus.

This video teaches you:
1. How to Tear down and Reassemble?
2. How to replace the battery?
3. How to replace LCD, Touch & Digitizer assembly?
4. How to replace Vibrator Motor?
5. How to replace Back Panel?
6. How to replace Motherboard?
7. How to replace Sub PBA Board?
8. How to replace Loudspeaker & Receiver Speaker?
9. How to replace camera module?
10. Location of parts and ICs.

We think that this video will help you in tear down, locating the parts and replacing the battery of Moto G4 Plus.

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  1. bhai ye ambient sensor or gyroscope sensor ko kaise replace karnge mere phone m pani challa gya hai or iske sensor kaam nhi kar rahe or na he audio jack baki touch m koi problm nhi hai

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