Moto G4 Plus Review – Things I Like!

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Moto G4 Plus Review – Things I Like! | AllAboutTechnologies

In this video I talk about things that I Like about G4 Plus after using it for 8-10 Days.

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32 Comments on Moto G4 Plus Review – Things I Like!

  1. Sir,Hows the overall performance of Moto G4plus compared to that of
    Redmi note 3 and OnePlus X .. considering the fact that i use it for
    daily use mostly social media , calling, music…i rarely play games…
    So sir can u pls suggest a phone in either of these 3 which lags less
    and has a good camera and battery life. or any other good phone ?

  2. should i cancel my order of rn3 on snapdeal bcz it seems leeco le 2 will release but the main things affect me is camera is leeco le2 camera is way better that i should wait for it??

  3. so, which one should I opt for? the phone which already has better performance (Redmi Note 3)? or the phone which frequently gets updates for its performance issues? ( Moto g4 plus )

  4. thanks Taran that boosted my morale as this is the first time I am using a moto device. I was a Samsung fan. hearing a lot I was going to buy x play when g4 was announced. it's a good set . just hoping these issues gets resolved in the coming updates

  5. Hello Sir, @AllAboutTechnologies
    I want to buy a phone, but I am very confused which phone to buy, Please Help me. My budget is 15k and I need a phone which works smooth with good battery and also good mobile life and also service centre should be available (# Mumbai).
    I use many social apps and games like Clash of Clans and Hay Day, mini militia and maybe some offline games.
    Please recommend me a phone with no overheating issue and maybe not awesome but good specs.(Aap kya choose karte #mobile also say me that ?☺)
    I was looking for (moto G4 Plus, 3rd gen, G turbo, X Play, Samsung j7-6, Redmi note 3, lenovo zuk z1)(or other better than them).


    THANKS :)

  6. ya. that's true. I am a moderate user. was planning to buy j7. was always a Samsung user. I think I made a good decision this time not buying Samsung. at least this heats less than my s4 I just sold

  7. sir, will this heating issue can be resolved with updates from the company. i got my mobile 2 days back. 15mins of camera does get hot. i have also found some swiping errors

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