Moto G4 Plus Has Hidden LED Notification Light!! Shocking!

Hey Everyone Siddhant Here And Moto G4 Plus Has LED Notification Light. It is by default locked by the company. Many People Say That It don’t have Led Light But they are wrong.It Has Led

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6 Comments on Moto G4 Plus Has Hidden LED Notification Light!! Shocking!

  1. Please provide me the best tampered glass and back cover link or kindly suggest me the brand name of tamered glass and back cover and the place where is it available.
    I have ordered moto g4 plus
    please help me★☆★★

  2. hey brother
    video is really nice.
    i wanted to buy this, so i need your opinion regarding some doubts, hope you will clear all my doubts
    1. I come to know that Heating issue is there after the OTA (Software) update from bcd channel but
    ##my question is that does that heating affect the continious gaming performance ,does it lags due to the heat or it was buttery smooth?(after 20 minutes of gaming session)

    2. As we know(from c4tech) that before ota update, the camera ui was lagging severly and making the phone hot and totally non responsive while taking pic and recording videos.
    my question is that, Does that ota update solved the camera lagging and phone heating issue while taking pics or making video for little long time?

    please answer me soon as i need to make decision on what to buy moto g 4 plus or lenevo zuk 1

    im asking you coz you are a real buyer and hope you will help me out
    please tell me soon

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