Mortal Kombat X Mobile. News about UPDATE 1.7 (Android/IOS)

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Update 1.7 for Mortal Kombat X Mobile IOS and Android hasn’t come yet, but we got some news about what to expect. Challenge pack, new daily rewards and more we’ll get in a new update! What would you like to see in the new MKX Mobile 1.7 update?

34 Comments on Mortal Kombat X Mobile. News about UPDATE 1.7 (Android/IOS)

  1. Man I had almost half a years worth of test your luck and I missed a day and now I have to start all over again.. I had over 170 days , almost 180. All I did was log in , play TYL then go out of it.. Also , the rank stops at 10 , or maybe 7 , after 70 days or something , see now I've forgotten grr.

  2. The update is sick. It looks way better. The daily challenges is improved. Sorry to all android users that have to wait, ios got the update a couple hours ago. ?

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