Minecraft Pocket Edition – 0.12.1 UPDATE – HIDDEN FEATURES AND SECRETS! ( MCPE Tips & Tricks )

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Minecraft Pocket Edition ( MCPE ) just recently received update 0.12.1 on iOS and Android. With all the new features and secrets I thought I’d try and show you all some. For the top & best Minecraft videos on YouTube don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE.. oh, and also LIKE this video!

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35 Comments on Minecraft Pocket Edition – 0.12.1 UPDATE – HIDDEN FEATURES AND SECRETS! ( MCPE Tips & Tricks )

  1. Bro, PC version was the first and could beat console and pocket edition combined. Fun fact, you can fly in survival mode using a snapshot. No, not a bug. A new item that neither console nor pocket can boast that they have it. Also, new command blocks, the levitation effect, AND A THIRD BOSS?!?!? That's one for each dimension!!! Also, pocket edition is WAY behind and VERY glitchy. The furnace screen can turn epileptic at times and zombies and skeletons will BURN IN THE RAIN!!!!! Well, sorta. They DO burn, but the rain puts them out before any real harm can be done. (This continues every second till they die) They also get a steam particle and sound for every time they are put out causing a very painful noise akin to an enderman growl. If that doesn't drive you crazy, how about the majority of the stronghold's blocks being infested with silverfish? The thorns enchant is your new best friend. But seriously, strongholds not even 50 blocks below the surface, wtf???

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