Microsoft Lumia 950 fights for your freedom

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The breakout feature in this phone’s Windows 10 software has lofty goals, but also suffers growing pains.

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45 Comments on Microsoft Lumia 950 fights for your freedom

  1. for a while I have Nokia Lumia 925 and it is STILL a good experience with W8.1 and W10, and yeah – there is a gap in available app list comparing to Android / iOS, but it has all the apps that I would need, quality is good and it just looks nice + different

    so if you are not planning to stare at your phone for the entire day and look for new apps all the time, then windows phone is a legit choice :P

  2. Ohh Google services don't work on windows phone. Whoopie. Microsoft has great services them selves. Besides Bing. Wp10 is gonna be great and the 950 finnaly has battery and storage

  3. @kaiviti2013 google is rightfully afraid. But don't be fooled, lumias have great mapping/gps software "here maps".

    Also, for me, it has all the apps I've ever wanted. I have used iOS and Android for years, and my Lumia is a worth while contender. I can say that without ever having used this new flagship with continuum too.

  4. I REALLY Want to buy this phone but the lack of APPS are holding me back. No Google Maps is a deal breaker for me. Can Microsoft not just pay Google few million to bring their apps over. Or is google simply not gonna make it due to fear of competition?

  5. I know Apple users that are interested in the new Windows phone.  I am not sure which Apps the people are referring to that are not available.  I switched from an Android phone to a Windows phone and I have been so happy I did.

  6. Lol. Other part is Microsoft is still working on side loading Android apps to windows, same with IOS but later on. They have stoped the process for now till they polish it off. Devs can play with it to work on converting apps over within 10min of tweaking codes to run in the live tiles and quick reply from the notification area. Most are good things. Just hopefully devs see the easy way around things and stop holding back because windows is "hard to write for"

  7. @Chito307 You start working on Excel Mobile and its hard to choose and format the cells. You enable continuum and suddenly the Excel mobile app you were using suddenly looks like MS Excel 2016 on the big screen you connect it to.

    Connecting it to a screen doesn't duplicate the display or something, it transforms to a Windows 10 PC interface.

  8. everything good but problem is APPS… Viber haven't video call support, Instagram haven't video sharing, Not support SnapChat and many more apps doesn't work properly…. I'm using Lumia 640 XL… If Apps r good in Windows 10 upgrade then this is best phone ever… I love WP

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