Microsoft Lumia 650 Long Term Review: Second Impressions 2016

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Hello guys here my long term review of the microsoft lumia 650.The Lumia 650 features a flat chrome band around the top and sides. The Snapdragon 212 powers the 650 at 1.3GHz, with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage.The 5” OLED display is bright and crisp; colors really pop and blacks are deep and clear.Please let me know what you think
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7 Comments on Microsoft Lumia 650 Long Term Review: Second Impressions 2016

  1. The Lumia 950 is for sure having better specs like continuum and the camera but it is way pricier than the Lumia 650 whose quality is actually still very good compared to its price.

  2. It's such a pity, the Windows UI is my favourite; I wish more app developers had come forward in supporting the Windows Eco system, that could have made a huge difference with sales and they should have come up with the 650 design from the beginning!

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