Meet Nimb, a smart ring that will save your life

Meet Nimb, a smart ring that will save your life

Imagine yourself going somewhere or coming back home alone from work while you’re suddenly faced with an accident or attacked by some muggers. How will you seek help then? Shouting may put you in grave danger and calling 911 using your smartphone requires sometimes which you may not have. However, pressing a ring may do the trick. Nimb wants you to do just that.

Nimb is a smart ring with a hidden panic button, which will alert particular contacts and local authorities with your GPS location in case of an emergency. Here’s how it works: just press and hold the button underside of the ring for three seconds and an alert will immediately go out with your location.


With the accompanying app on your smartphone, you can preset a safety net of family members, friends, even the police. You can also add 911 in the list, for which Nimb generates a robotic call option that goes to the nearest 911 dispatch center based on your GPS coordinates. The message will notify the operator with your name, gender, and location. As the button is concealed in the ring’s design, it’s difficult to press the button accidentally. Even if you do that, you still have 20 seconds to cancel the alert using the app.


What if someone forces you to cancel the alert? Nimb has the solution for that too. All you have to do is just give out a special password for forced cancellation and your trusted contact will know that you’re forced to cancel the alert.

You can choose how your emergency contacts will be notified. It can be texts, vibrations, push notifications, calls, and emails – contacts that also use a Nimb ring will be notified by the vibration of the ring.

The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign with the goal of $50,000. The ring will be available in two colors: stealth black and classic white. The price starts from $75 and will start shipping next year.


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