Mario on Your iPhone? Nintendo to Make Mobile Games! – GS News Update

Nintendo has revealed plans to develop original games “optimised for smart devices”.

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30 Comments on Mario on Your iPhone? Nintendo to Make Mobile Games! – GS News Update

  1. Including PCs, smartphones, tablets, wow it's about time. I hope they make it right depending on the platforms, intuitive control of what each device has to offer. Any estimation on when we should expect and start seeing those games ? I hope they will be quality games, not just some random shitty games with only famous characters.

  2. People have been saying that Nintendo is doomed since the Nintendo 64 and they are still here.  Nintendo don't always make the best decisions but they are smart about business which is why they currently have a money vault like Scrooge McDuck.  Also, Nintendo themselves aren't making mobile games, DeNA is.  DeNA is, as you may know, a successful mobile game creator.  Nintendo just gave them access to the IPs.  Nintendo will continue to make core games on Wii U, 3DS and the upcoming NX, whatever it proves to be.

  3. This is a terrible idea. Nintendo games should remain on Nintendo consoles. If their first parties become available on other platforms, why should I buy a Nintendo system? I will no longer have the motivation to invest in a Nintendo system if they make their games available for other systems.

  4. More and more companies are turning their efforts into mobile, i really hope that isn't the "future" of gaming. Making a real game takes way more time and costs way more money and provides the same/less money than a mobile game done in 5 months…it's sad.

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