Low Light Shootout – Galaxy S7 vs HTC 10 vs LG G5 vs Nexus 6p

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Who’s got the best camera among the hottest flagship phones available right now in 2016? Find out in our low light night time shootout, which takes all the promises and marketing rhetoric and puts them to the ultimate test.
All phones were used in auto mode with auto HDR on and set to the highest megapixel count possible.

Daylight and Selfie Shootout:

Daylight and Selfie Shootout: Galaxy S7 vs HTC 10 vs LG G5 vs Nexus 6p

Low Light Shootout:

Low Light Shootout: Galaxy S7 vs HTC 10 vs LG G5 vs Nexus 6p

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Check out the ull Flickr album for every shot we took:
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48 Comments on Low Light Shootout – Galaxy S7 vs HTC 10 vs LG G5 vs Nexus 6p

  1. Another camera comparison that misses one of the main points of camera tests – actually using the camera! so which takes the fastest shot? which starts up quicker? which focuses the fastest? all missed from this review.

  2. and another thing you're leaving out other than the fact that you can adjust exposure focus on the foreground and background in the Galaxy S7 Edge not only is the fastest launching camera but the fastest focusing camera it's actually 24 megapixel camera but it's dual 12 megapixel..

    the camera app and pro features on the Galaxy S7 Edge you can adjust anything to get any picture you want and then you add in like I said fastest launch camera fastest focusing camera you can't go wrong

    and when you're causing these videos how can you say something accurate about colors if you're passing it on different screens that have different characteristic colors. Are you taking the video out of the cameras and putting it on a known correct color monitor or television

    if you're not doing that then all of your opinions are not valid or accurate

  3. quick question that I've been wondering about, but if one was to have probably the HTC 10 and then download the Google camera app into the phone and use it to take pictures, given it's very promising camera hardware, would its photos then be processed like the 6p cause it's on the same stock camera app? would really appreciate an answer explaining this

  4. "the 6p has the most detail by far, its not even a competition in this regard" "the 6p is in a league of its own"
    Are you blind? Take a look again at the S7 pics

  5. I can't follow this video at all when the image on the screen is not the image you're talking about. When you say "Nexus 6P" show the image from the Nexus 6p. when you compare an HTC 10 shot to an LG G5 shot, actually put them next to each other instead of showing a damn S7 shot

  6. A couple of comments on the content:

    1. Don't have a "shootout" video with only 4 photo samples and a link to a written article with more photos. We are on YouTube because we don't want to read!

    2. Make your analysis match with the photo slideshow, it's really difficult to follow.

  7. this 6p fan boy makes samsung look like a piece of crap I bet you he edited the pictures to look bad and 6p is the shitiest phone on earth…SAMSUNG ALL THE BITCHESSSSS!!!!:D

  8. i think u r nexus fan..r u joking really? s7 camera aperture is 1.7 so how u just cant show its dual pixel capabilities and larger sensors. Everyone rating high on s7 and u making criticism. I dont believe this review.

  9. Are you blind ? I think he hates Samsung.Poor sammy,it did well in the selfie although it was blurry because of him obviously.The nexus 6p does well in night shoots by reducing contrast and saturation boost like Samsung does and suffers eventually.While the LG G5 and HTC 10 are all rounders.Samsung gives you nice amount of options to choose and modify your image which nexus ain't gonna give anytime.Htc just arrived so can't say enough about it.

  10. dude this review is huge confusion the video and audio mismatch very badly..!
    0:54 you are refering G5 while photo by Nexus 6p zoomed out
    and then it was start of misctaching through out video…!!
    Best Review methos is to write facts and figures on screen side by side..!!

  11. Judging from the fact that you removed the like/dislike bar, other people too must have thought this video was an editing disaster. The narrative never matched the video, and it was way too quick.

  12. Didn't like this video but I won't dislike it. When you were commenting on a specific picture taken by one of the phone your commentry was not consistent with the pictures shown which made it challenging to follow the points you were making. What I like was that you spoke clearly, the video was to the point and I like the way the pix were displayed.

  13. Lol, ok. I don't know why you're so hard for the 6P but it was clear that was the case in the subway shot. Just cause you didn't want to put it dead last you had to say the HTC 10 was worse? Also, you barely do any closeups of the HTC compared to the others. Why? Also, learn to edit the video in relation to the recorded audio. Constantly looking at one thing while you're pointing something out in the other.

  14. extremely biased review, agreed that the nexus in auto does take better pictures that too sometimes and not in each and every case as you portrayed, you failed to mention that all gripes with the other 3 can be bettered with pro mode, which washes the nexus out of the water. the camera sensors in the g5 and s7 are better than the nexus particularly because of the wider aperture, Samsung just over sharpens the image. also if u wanna shoot raw, you have the option. not to mention ois. all these things just prove that s7 and g5 are optically way better than the nexus.

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