LG G5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Speed, Camera & Battery Test!

Speed, Camera and Battery test between New LG G5 & Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge!
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24 Comments on LG G5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Speed, Camera & Battery Test!

  1. Just look at the Samsung? Honestly I will take a more premium and refined phone over the G5 . Idc if the G5 is faster or not. It has a painted back . It has an ugly design. At least to me. Its just , not impressive tome. The Samsung impresses me . With their aluminum and glass design. Their amazing titanium colors . The Samsung to me, will always be ahead of any phone companies with flagship phones. Also it is water resistant. I mean, I'm not the person who's gonna take it underwater like a dumba** . But it's nice to have that feature so if it rains of you accidentally splash water on it. You know you're for sure protected . #GalaxyS5User. #FutureGalaxyNoteUser

  2. The price differential cannot be justified by the disparity in performance. Obviously the S7 edge is better but not majorly so. The LG looks pretty good too. I'm impressed with the real estate on the G5. Didn't realise they boasted such a large screen and the resolution, brightness and dpi scaling look really good. I'm getting a G5. Decided. The major issue. The elephant in the room is the battery. It's a huge issue. I have several smartphones for numerous years. I have swapped out batteries. Taking that away was a shocking move from Samsung. Gonna hurt them.

  3. For the 2016 flagship devices, I wasn't expecting some random reloadings from these phones considering both have 4GB of RAM. I really can't help but judge this phone on their initial softwares since many phones like the Huawei Mate 8 ran excellently on its initial software.

  4. you are totally missing the point with the idea about the wide angle lense. you loose the focus of the pic with obscured things that are NOT the subject matter. there is a reason most professional photographers don't shoot with wide angle lenses. they want to focus on a particular thing. not capture more area. that's why macro photography is ten times more successful than wide angle. what good is the shot of the two cars, with all the people around? what exactly do all the bystanders add to the photograph? the answer is NOTHING! you loose the focus of the two cars. the cars look so much better in the s7 pic as well. better detail, color and composition. nope, don't agree with your point there, it is NOT awesome to have a washed out pic of the shops in the backgound, instead of a sharp colorful pic of the three trees. again the s7 pic is much better in every facet, especially the artful aspect, which is why we take pics. i mean, look at the two pics. stop your vid at 11:02, and look at how beautiful the s7 pic is with lighting, color and composition. then look up at the crappy g5 pic, which is wider, meaning no real composition, and it is dull dreary and poorly lit. horrible point on your part. you prefer the crappy pic, because you get more irrelevant crap beside the focal point, even though it is dull and colorless. lol. quality is comparable???????????? really? you know shit about photography, and for that matter doing a review. don't need to see anymore of the tripe.

  5. Thank you for the fair comparison ! I don't know why people are against LG and pro Samsung now-a-days. Both are good phones and it's fairly up to the consumers what their preferences are !

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