Lg G Stylo Tips and Tricks

Hey guys thanks for watching! I noticed that my recent tips and tricks on the lg g stylo had a very negative response, so i hope you enjoyed the new and improved one. Thanks!

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  1. custom ringtones in that setting if u have music on ur phone u press the plus sign in the top right corner press that and u will be able to had songs to contacts our anything else

  2. i went from a flagships , last one being a note 5 to this because i switched to boost(tmobile data was slow in my area) got it from bestbuy for 80 bucks ! most bang for the buck as long as you dont wanna do heavy gaming which i don't it runs smooth since it has 6.0 , ive also had the iphone 6s and samsung s6, htc m9 etc so i thought this phone would be horrible but its not just wish it had nore ram

  3. I have this phone. And I'm using it to comment on this video. I have no idea why people spend hundreds of dollars on expensive iPhones, when you can just have this one!

  4. kind of basic tips want better fixes..do you have issues with text mmsg not going thru clocking or not being received..keyboard disappears while typing..apps close out on their own screen goes black. click on articles they load then phone closes to home screen..help with these fixes. please

  5. Another Tip I Can Add…Due To My Experience And Confirmed My At Least 2 Reliable Sources…6.0 Marshmallow Is A Battery Eater…Ever Since I Upgraded My LG G Stylo[On BoostMobile]To 6.0 Marshmallow~My Battery Life Has Seemingly Cut To Half And A Bit Less Than Half With About The Same Amount Of Usage As When I Had 5.1.1 Lollipop…I Was Getting Over 20 And Even 30 Hours On 5 1.1 Lollipop…Still Getting That When I Had The LG G Vista[In VerizonWireless]~And Now With My New LG Volt 2[Also On BoostMobile]Which I Replaced The LG G Vista With…Yeah Its A Bit Of A Downgrade~Displaywise But The LG G Vista Constantly Rebooted…I Sent It To LG TWICE For Repair…Both Times~It's Still Rebooted On It's Own…Even LG Couldn't Resolve The Problem…But The Only Way At That Point To Have A Phone I Can Afford~Was To But The LG Volt 2…5 Inch Display Is Still A Bit Large Enough…Where As The LG G Vista Has A Huge 5.7 Inch Display Like The G Stylo…Which I'd Still Probably Have Now If Not For The Rebooting Issue…

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