Let The War Begin! AMD Launches 7th Generation Laptop Chips to Compete with Intel

Let The War Begin! AMD Launches 7th Generation Laptop Chips to Compete with Intel

While always being the cheaper alternative to Intel’s processor, AMD now wants to close the performance gap by announcing the next generation laptop processors at Computex. Compared to AMD’s previous generation of laptop processors, the new high-end FX chips are 56 percent faster, while the entry-level chips are 52 percent faster. Also, this 7th generation AMD FX features 53 percent faster graphics and a 51 percent leap in computing performance compared to Intel’s fastest Core i7 mobile chip.

Like every major processor upgrade, AMD also focused on the power efficiency of its new chips. Compared to the last generation its high-end FX chips use 12 percent less power. Also, its latest A9 processors consume 41 percent less power while playing 1080p local videos. Also, “Excavator” cores are added to the new A9, A6, and E2 processors, which will provide them a pretty good performance bump and makes them more skilled at playing HD videos.


AMD claims because of the new manufacturing process, it was allowed to succeed faster clock speeds with the chips. Its high-end FX 9830P features 3GHz base speeds (which can be boosted up to 3.7GHz), while the lower-end E2-9010 offers 2GHz speed (with maximum speeds of 2.2GHz). The new A9 chip speeds up 1.5GHz faster than the Intel i3-6100U, which makes it Intel’s Core i3 competitor.

Partners like HP, Dell, ASUS and Lenovo are already using AMD’s new processors. The company doesn’t say anything about the pricing, but as you don’t buy them on their own it’s not that important. However, from the features, one thing is sure that these are the processors people have been waiting for as they also make the laptops cheaper.

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