Lenovo’s Zuk Unveils Transparent Display Smartphone Prototype

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Earlier this week we saw Zuk, Lenovo’s online-only brand, launching its first smartphone in China named the Zuk Z1. The firm has also showcased a smartphone prototype, the highlight of which is a transparent display.

In a series of images posted on Weibo from the Z1 launch event on Tuesday, the prototype smartphone is seen featuring a near bezel-less frame on the transparent glass-like display. The prototype is said to perform almost all functions of a traditional smartphone such as displaying images, making phone calls, play music, and more, and features an Android-like interface.

While there is no information revealed about the transparent display of the Zuk smartphone prototype, the image showing a picture of a girl on the display does hint towards a high pixel density. Needless to say, since this is a prototype smartphone, we would not be seeing it hitting the markets just yet, not at least until next year. In addition, the tech required to create transparent displays is not…

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  1. Samsung and LG are now making transparent phones but Sony back in the days when it was Sony Ericsson and in the year of 2010, they made a transparent phone called Xperia Pureness. It wasn't a prototype, it was an actual phone and sold it so next time correct yourself.

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