Lenovo ZUK Z1 vs OnePlus 2 Camera Comparison

Lenovo ZUK Z1 vs OnePlus 2 Camera Comparison. We compare the cameras of great smartphones from China.


Lenovo ZUK Z1: http://shrsl.com/?~ak68
OnePlus 2: http://shrsl.com/?~ak69
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28 Comments on Lenovo ZUK Z1 vs OnePlus 2 Camera Comparison

  1. yes op2 has better camera…. but z1 which is equally performing I could say, In terms of price point Z1 is best option to go with… And I have doubt on protection on Z1… Do we need to put tempered glass or any other to protect from display shattering…. thanks for your video….

  2. hey !
    Can you tell me something about the battery?
    which one is better ?
    can you use them both normally over the day (without gettin to 0%)

    and overall which one would you perfer
    i dontknow which one i should buy?

    the money is not the problem and i normally use it for internet , playing (CoC and these games so no high end )
    und whatsapp email and these things!
    my price limit is about 380€ 🙂

    Thank you very much!

  3. can you help me decide between zuk z1, op2, or Redmi note 3? It seams that zuk z1 is good for the price but I don't want to bye low price and regret later when it collapses… so I know op2 is better but is it worth that much more? thank you

  4. I have the two phone. I think Oneplus 2 camera is much better than ZUK Z1. Oneplus 2 has more resolving details when enlarged, and focusing is faster. Even more,the camera app of ZUK Z1 is very crude which doesn't have any advanced mode.

  5. Can you please compare the sound you actually pick up on the zuk to the one on the op2 when shooting a video?!
    I mean the sound of the object you are shooting and not your own voice!
    Because on my zuk the sound look very muffled and low compared the the sound i capture on the note 4 during video recording!
    It's so low to the extent that I thought that the back mic (between camera and flash) is closed by something or not working at all!

  6. Daylight photos on the Lenovo look lighter, could be in fact more natural than the Oneplus 2 produces. Night time photos the Oneplus 2 has clearly some advantages, but not to a huge extend to my view. It does however win the HD video, where the Lenovo struggles a lot at night. Actually they both struggle, but the Oneplus 2 obviously wins there. If I had to pick one based on personal use I'd choose the Lenovo for better daytime pictures. The lighting is simply better.

  7. I have to say I'd choose the oneplus 2 ove the zuk for camera. Low light shots are better in my opinion. Daytime they seem a bit too warm but I need a good low light camera. Wish all the smartphone cameras would have a full manual mode like lg g4 and v10.

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