Lenovo K4 Note Gaming Review hmm not for Gamers

Lenovo K4 Note Gaming Review with popular games like Dead Trigger 2, Asphalt 8 and Nova 3 so that you can judge it’s gaming performance.

Lenovo K4 Note is sold in India via http://amzn.to/1WMw2eU

My other videos on K4 Note https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtIc4giS3RKNUirjnSxn3-YoLzNQkV7UY

47 Comments on Lenovo K4 Note Gaming Review hmm not for Gamers

  1. Hey guys I had a lot of expectations from this from k4 note, but now this is really a huge let down. Well I was wondering if this problem can be solved with future lenovo updates?
    ASAP need an answer. Please help guys…

  2. I have Mali t 628 mp6 and I can play it in high graphics on a 2k screen after I removed the original ROM and installed either also or cyanogen mod literally as soon as I did that everything runs on high lol

  3. Sir , i heard that after a short update on that phone, the Gaming is improved can you please do Short Gaming review again.because i want that phone but the only reason i am not going with it is only gaming performance

  4. Sir, can you please compare this Lenovo K4 Note with Coolpad Note 3. We are glad to see that comparison review, if you do that. Please sir, make a comparison review. Thank You.

  5. +geekyranjit Sir I want the following features in the listed priorities :-
    1 Good Camera in day light as well as low light.
    2 Loud speaker
    3 Decent gaming
    4 Good performance

    Can you guide me what should i buy k4 note or moto g3 or samsung j5 or some other ?
    Also can you do a camera review for k4 note ?

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