LEGO® Movie Maker app – Lighting Tips and Tricks

Learn new tips and tricks for improving your stop-motion animation movies with the LEGO® Movie Maker app! This video shows you how to use lighting in your brick films to create lots of cool effects. The LEGO Movie Maker app lets you make your own LEGO movies, just like you see on Ask a parent to download the LEGO Movie Maker app from the App Store. Available on iTunes App Store devices only.

40 Comments on LEGO® Movie Maker app – Lighting Tips and Tricks

  1. what are the licensing terms of use of embedded pictures and sounds ? they are not details in the app terms of use. can i publish videos using embedded sounds and graphics on you tube ? on monetized you tube videos ?

  2. This is the comment section:
    75% You have to add this on android!!!!
    15% normal comment
    5% hate comment
    5% Android is better than iOS it should be on play store as well!!!
    Guys please stop talking about Lego movie maker for play store they will add it at some stage so please be patient :)

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