Keyboard and Typing: BlackBerry Passport – Official How To Demo

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BlackBerry® Passport takes the iconic BlackBerry® Keyboard to the next level. The physical keyboard gives you more typing accuracy and leaves you more screen space for viewing. It is also touch-enabled, so you can perform many functions right on the keyboard. Scroll web pages, flick to type or slide along the keys to move the cursor.

6 Comments on Keyboard and Typing: BlackBerry Passport – Official How To Demo

  1. I really like how Blackberry keep developing how a keyboard can be useful for typing and using the smartphone. Hopefully Blackberry can keep improving and making more smartphone for us.

  2. I think Blackberry needs to update the assistant in their next update (10.3.1) to start typing words as you are saying them. This would make it SO much quicker. Instead of waiting for you to finish your sentence than attempting to analyse it all at once.

  3. 1:57 Not again! Why are Portuguese signs on the English keyboard, but not Polish ones?! That would make my life so much easier. ą wouldn't hurt even slightly.

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