Javantura v2 – Team forming with Agile tips & tricks (in Croatian) – Roko Roić

Javantura v2 conference
Designing a team from a group of people – Agile tips and tricks

In large or enterprise software development engagements, one man can not go where a team can. You’d think that putting a well balanced group of people on a project would end up to good teamwork? It is not as simple as that. But maybe it is simple after all, with some Agile and Lean tips and tricks. I will share my experience as a seasoned team manager (PM, PO, Team lead) as well as some formal research on the topic of “how to create a team”.

Roko Roić from Agile Croatia is more than 13y in the IT industry. Started of as an enterprise Java developer. Had a lot to do with system infrastructure and performance optimisation on a large scale. Moved on to managing teams and projects in developing IT solutions.

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