Is the Apple Watch S coming before the Apple Watch 2? (Apple Byte)

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45 Comments on Is the Apple Watch S coming before the Apple Watch 2? (Apple Byte)

  1. The MacBook is only thicker than the new HP Spectre at its thickest part, at its thinnest it's 70% thinner. Did everyone suddenly forget that it has a wedge design or what??

  2. Brian, the smart connector isn't for a keyboard. That would be ridiculous. It's inductive charging, it has to be. (among other plans for the connector).

    Imagine new ugly battery cases with a smart connector on the inside. Now when they get rid of the 3.5mm jack, they'll let us use our new lightning headphones to listen (via the port on the case to charge / pass audio) while charging via the smart connector. Apple will say that is one option, or use bluetooth headphones and still get a charge. It will run around $200 for both a decent pair of lightning headphones and the case.

    Imagine if the new case had an external smart connector as well. Now you can make a smart charging mat. You could charge the case, the phone, both at the same time (in a weird pile-on orgy sorta configuration) lol.

    The best would be if they release Magic Mouse 3 with a smart connector on it so you don't have to charge it with the lightning cable hanging out of the bottom (nobody will understand the port placement there). But imagine, if the magic accessories could be charged with the smart connector too? Man I should work there.

  3. I think it will be an Apple Watch 2 with major redesign instead of an S model with the same design? Apple has always made a device truely mainstream with the second gen. Like the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad. They all had major redesign in the second gen. So I guess they'll do the same with the Watch.

  4. Hi,

    I thought current Apple watch already has wifi? But it only connects to wifi that you iphone has connected before, which from my logical thinking, is the only solution since its hard to type alphanumerical character on your watch if you want to type the password for wifi.

  5. It's a true joy to see your iPad Pro screen is among the not the best list! iPhone 6s Plus one is not the best either, but I don't really mind that seriously. But you… Hahahaha!!!!! Regret your choice!

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