iPhone SE: Does size matter?

How small do you like your phone? We gave Apple’s newest device to people around the CNET office and had them stick it in their jeans.

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  1. Yeah, size does matter for a lot of people…. those people with their huge iPhones on their heads looks so silly. It's like we're going back to the 80's…. or like they are holding an iPad on their head. Why would anyone want such an unpractical phone? Flip phones were the best, small, handy and rugged. I still use my iPhone 4s and I love it. It's the perfect size, not to small, not to big, fits perfectly in the front jeans pocket und it's rugged as well. I will only upgrade if I can no longer upgrade my 4s!

  2. Everyone keeps saying it is hard to go back to a smaller phone. I went phablet a good while ago, the Samsung Mega was my favorite. With the changes to the Note this year i decided to go a different way. The priv I picked did not meet my expectations and I needed something else. When they announced the SE I knew I was getting one. Good phone at a good price. Picked it up this morning and other than a few more typos than normal I haven't had an issue. Took about 10 seconds to remember YouTube on this size screen was fine.

  3. Why? Everybody says is tiny? it is a well known 5S only upgraded ship internal only, why was presented as tiny? I agree and love 5 is not yet discontinued, I still have a 5S and 4k would be awesome to get! 5se still good option, but I will never get to know why was presented as a tiniest phone, the smallest and also prettiest phones of all is white 4s glass both sides, I also thought it would be something like thats, a white 4s with 4k and wider space is still excellent option, never a deception the white 4s will always be the prettiest line design

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