iPhone Apps For Filmmakers

Today I’m sharing some of the filmmaking apps I have on my phone – some good, some bad.

What do you think of the ProCam app? I didn’t have much luck with…



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My name is Jay Moussa-Mann and I am a freelance filmmaker living in the North East of England. I worked producing TV programmes for a satellite channel for 7 years, I’ve made several of my own short films and I recently graduated from Teesside University with a BA in Film and TV Production.

I started this channel to encourage beginner filmmakers, to share some of my own work and keep my skills sharp between projects.

Intro graphics by Kevin Mann…

2 Comments on iPhone Apps For Filmmakers

  1. Thanks for sharing! Strange you didn't mention the Filmic app that everyone goes on about. I finally downloaded a copy and found it pretty useful in terms of giving me more control over my iPhone 6S Plus – such as adjusting and locking focus and exposure etc.

    On a separate issue, having looked into lens adaptors to change focal length, what is out there is pretty disappointing regarding image quality (talking about things like the Schneider iPro lens system). Sometimes I just want a slightly longer focal length for instance, so a quality 2X adapter would be perfect. I know some people have even adapted SLR lenses and made impressive looking movies with them. That's kind of on the extreme end, so I wish there was a compromise to keep the portability factor. Zeiss have promised 3 new iPhone adapter lenses mid 2016…there may yet be hope. I would be interested to know any ideas you may have on this.

  2. Your channel is so professional,good quality and helpful I don't understand why you don't have thousands of subscribers!
    I find your videos exactly what I look for and Amazing help, so thank you xx

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