iPhone Again Accused of Violating Patent in China

iPhone Again Accused of Violating Patent in China

Apple may have to stop with sales of its latest smartphones in the Chinese capital Beijing. According to local authorities, the tech company infringed certain patents of a Chinese manufacturer company. The patent office says, the differences between the local vendor’s Baili 100C and the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is so small that it will not be noticed an average customer.

Chinese media reports that Apple has appealed against the allegations. As long as the process runs the devices may still be sold.

The Chinese market is important to Apple.

China already accounts for a quarter of the turnover of the company. According to the research firm Market Intelligence and Consulting Institute (MIC) in late 2015, Apple had over 10 percent of the iPhone market share in China, in particular, because of the strong sales of the iPhone 6 (s) and 6 (s) Plus,

In urban China, sales of the iPhone 6s accelerated the most in October 2015, making the 6s Plus the second best-selling smartphone behind market leader Huawei. Apple realized a market share of 22.9 percent of iPhones in the month.

In terms of sales, China is the second-largest market for Apple after the United States. Apple CEO Tim Cook visited China government officials to discuss the interrelationship between them last month. However, investors now fear therefore that, the prevention of iPhone sales in Beijing may stand in the way of the relationship growth between the Chinese government and Apple in the coming years.

A number of decisions of the Chinese government have gone against Apple in recent times. Thus for example, in April, the online book and movie services from Apple have been taken offline in China because of new rules for foreign companies and Apple, recently, also lost the exclusive rights to the iPhone trademark in China.

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