iPhone 7 Specifications – The Phone of Dreams!!

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This is my video on my Dream Specifications for the Next New iPhone 7, coming in 2015 or 2016!

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  1. Great vid thanks……but I can't help but to think that's the apple techies don't seem to have the flair to go above the norm…. I mean look at the 6 not exactly a rave over the 5s and then they bang out the 6s to get more consumers to spend more….. Market the next iPhone 7 with one great spec no need to say 7 then 7s etc then they can build on the next model from there….that's my view

  2. Apple cares about the single core performance which is what most apps take advanatge of and not all take advantage of multi core. The 6S is said to have a tri core processor and if that were true it would stay at tri core for a long time. Although a quad core iPhone 7 is possible. 3 GB of RAM sunds like a good idea and doable but 2GB are sufficient for most daily tasks. For the camera I realy have no opinion on what would be the MP what I care is the quality. The 6S would be at 12 MP which Apple could stick to for the next 2 or 3 iPhones after that or if the rumors are true Apple could use the 20.7 MP Exmor sensor found on the Xperia Z3 & Z3 Plus which would be amazing. Apple would use either Gorilla Glass 4 of Sapphire glass on the next iphone or something like Gorilla Glass 4. I doubt there would be waterproofing as apple keeps their devices thin and waterproofing takes up a lot of space. The Iphone 7 would most likely carry on the design of the 6 and 6S although the increased size could be posssible. If it were true the 6S would gain a Full HD Display and the 6S Plus a QHD Display which would be beautiful. There is no need for a larger battery. iOS 9, the next generation A chips and processors are all power efficient giving us longer battery life even with a smaller battery. Besides the Iphones are thin and a larger battery would sacrifice that thinness. The rest are doubtful as Apple does not support 3rd party software just as they do with Windaows. if wou want an Android verion of bootcamp, keep your eyes on a dream to good to be true. As for the iPen however the 6 Plus is big and does seem in need of a stylus but then why are users not complaining about the LG G4, the Axon Phone, the S6 edge Plus and other android phones.

  3. The dream future concept tablet for me has:
    dual Intel Core i7-6700K
    12 inch 8k multi touch saphire screen
    nVidia 990ti m sli
    usb 3.1 c 
    thunderbolt 4
    hdmi out
    32 gb ddr4 ram
    3.5 tb m sata ssd

  4. This is what I want Apple to do with the next iPhone:

    2 GB of Ram
    16/32/64/128 GB of Ram
    1080p display
    IPS LCD or AMOLED display
    Tri-Core or Quad-Core Processor clocked at 1.8-2.5 ghz
    10-16 Megapixel camera
    Improved speakers, or better yet front firing speakers that can match the HTC One M9.
    Even more improved design, the iPhone 6 had a new and well received design so why not up it more?
    Massive change for IOS, IOS is an operating system that needs to improve. Apple is the only company that uses this operating system for phones & tablets, so they need to make the software even better to really make it have a value over Android.
    Apple's operating system has always never needed very high-end specs to run, and we're still paying so much money for something that isn't worth that much. Unless Apple really gives a lot of great features, specs and hardware there is no reason to pay over 600 USD for a phone that isn't worth that much.

    Apple would completely dominate if they entered the mid-end market ($250-$500) because iPhones if you factor in value are only worth that much.

  5. I'm predicting that the next iPhone will be th 6s. It will have the touch force screen like the Apple Watch, possibly with the taptic feedback.  It will be bump to 2GB RAM (ya 3GB would be nicer or even 4GB but 2GB seems like the likely thing)  a Improved camera and of course the A9 chip.  Also long shot but wouldn't surprise me, Apple introducing a new Iphone model at some point.  It would be stainless steel with sapphire disply.  It will be a fancier but stronger the regular model, of course costing more money.

  6. Agreed. Bro your voice is pleasing. Lol. Very good quality videos. Let me know if you would like an original opening and closing sequence sound. I write. Starting new side job. 

  7. I don't mean to be rude but i have knowledge i have built over many years in tech.  Apple are nowhere near 2.5 GHZ, the iphone 7 will have the same specs as the Hauwei P7 series which came out May last year.  Apple's specs are always a match with the last released Hauwei a year and a half after their launch every time.  http://www.gsmarena.com/huawei_ascend_p7-6124.php
    Here are the specs of the next Iphone, iphone7, you can observe how my comments came about if you look back over the products your interested in.  Xiaomi are the only ones with  2.5 GHZ processor but that's a mobile device in a different league, if apple matched xiaomi specs no one would be able to afford apple prices after they imported the parts from Japan (also why they cost much more despite lessening specs to keep their costs down), Apple is american, xiaomi is japanese, how could apple compete.

  8. I don't think specs matter when it comes to Apple. The 2 main reasons people purchase iphones is
    1) the majority of people just want a good looking, easy to use phone, and apple provides just that. Simple phones for simple people)

  9. The Chinese are leaving Apple in their dust:)  Remember when the calculator first came out, it was priced at 800 Dollars now you can get one for a dollar or two. I think to keep getting people to pay these crazy prices Apple and Samsung will have to start making portable devises that are truly all encompassing. Branding has died and rightly so, why pay 1000 dollars for a branded phone ? When you can get a more powerful and better built product for around 200?

  10. 3rd party software is exactly what Apple is NOT about – do that and you invite VIRUSES. Although, some commentators seem facetious about cranking up the RAM to 3GB, I would even go to 4GB. If you try to use two apps at the same time one will fall out of mem which mean reloading once you go back. If you have a limited plan it's expensive. If not, it's just an inconvenience. 

  11. It shoud have 4gb of RAM so that 64bit processor can function properly.
    Gorilla glass 4 or Sapphire glass
    4,7" is good size because it's unisex
    3rd party support is there with unlock, and is good enough.

    I think apple should go in a blackberry area, with security.

  12. when i sow the 3GB Ram ..
    i know that u don't know anything about iPhone

    iOS is Different than Andriod ,, 
    iOS don't need more than 1GB Ram  .. it even don't fully use it ..  there is always free memory on iPhone even if u play HD Games..
    so .. it don't need 3GB Ram  

    MAKE MORE  ……………………….NEW DREAMA 

  14. Well from my point of view opening the apple eco system to third party allows for a higher chance in vulnerability in the security of the iOS devices, all other points i agree with though but just a couple more things. the iPen thing, since the very first iphone it was made pretty clear that our fingers will be the stylus and i think that apple can implement Spen features while staying true to what they said maybe like having a pen mode switch, something of the sort. Now the cpu i think we are going to still see another dual core processor maybe clocked at 1.8ghz and 2gigs of RAM honestly with apple's optimization of their operating system anything over that is unnecessary overkill and that extra real estate i dont really see being used in apple's case #Optimization 

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