Iphone 7 specification

Apple will announce the iPhone 7, or probably the iPhone 6S, this year. The next generation iPhone will possibly sport a different look along with better hardware and upgraded build quality and alike. So what will the next Apple iPhone sport?

Ovalpicture has envisioned the iPhone 7 for all of us to see. The concept design shows of a slim 6.1mm body with a full HD display and an A10 chipset. Speakers will feature on both, the top and bottom of the handset. A 12MP rear camera, a front-facing 5MP sensor, a lightning port, sapphire glass display, 5GB of RAM and a lot more are being expected by the designer. However, we will never know what Apple does behind the curtains, but we are sure that in due course of time, leaks and rumours will tell us the story. Till then, enjoy the concept design and specs from Ovalpicture.

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