iPhone 7 & SE – Concepts & Rumors!

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iPhone 7 and iPhone SE Concepts & Rumors are Heating Up! Trailer, Release Date, Specifications, Renders and iPhone Pro Discussed.

iPhone SE Render courtesy of Martin Hajek: http://btinfo.co/martins-iphone-se

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Stay tuned for full coverage on the iPhone 7 and iPhone SE (Apple’s March event is just around the corner)!


Jose Flores, Jake Lowe, Marcus Moore, Chad MacLeod, Kevin Hernandez, Noor Sa, Daniel Sheppard, Tyler Sanderson, Ernest Aguilar, Amaan, Jorge M Lopez, Deandre, Jose Reyes and Noah

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43 Comments on iPhone 7 & SE – Concepts & Rumors!

  1. all joking aside according to my friends who work for certin companies the iPhone se was going to be the 5se but they droped the 6 as they changed the desine to more closly mimic the 6 and the 7

  2. I phone 7 they should make a slogan for it iphon 7 7 phones and we still haven't mad a phone people want and that dos not have something wrong with it.

  3. Reguadless of what people say I like your channel man…accurate news…I check in when I want to be sure about anything pertaining iPhones etc ?????????

  4. PLEASE READ BELOW<—–I have IOS 9.2.1 and I cant downgrade. I would love to jailbreak my device but I don't want to wait for IOS 9.3 only because its not a big update and they could possibly block the jailbreak. I think that TaiG and Pangu should start to work together and come up with a ultimate jailbreak. One that would be extremely hard to block. I also would love a video on how to go back to any version of ios because I want to downgrade from IOS 9.2.1 to IOS 9.0.2 so I can kailbreak my device. I currently have a IPhone 6s and I could really use your help. Thanks!

  5. Nice job iCrackUriDevice !

    Funny how Android people are lurking here to provoke arguments over how their cheap packs of Plastic and big useless numbers are better…we get it : your ransomwares-filled phone is better

  6. on the iphone SE I like the second one with the all gray back looks more ideal because its going to be smaller then the other iphones. Now the rumor about there being an iphone pro is dumb because to me thats a little to much, were going to have 3 different iphone and then it would be 4.

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