iPhone 7 Rumors, Leaked Specifications and Release Date

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iPhone 7 Rumors, Leaked Specifications and Release Date

What features come with the iPhone 7, when it’s alleged that dozens intended to be introduced and how the price tag.

We are well known all about this story and claims that are likely to occur in our iPhone 7 We’ve put together.

As the date of introduction of the iPhone 7, like the iPhone each series will be in September. case to go to iOS 10 or configure a new iPhone 7 will be introduced simultaneously with iOS X operating system, after the introduction in September it is expected to be available in November.

Apple, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus models homeland had offered to sell for $ 649 starting price tag in America. iphone 6S 16 GB model when sold in iphone 6S 16 GB $ 649 to $ 749 Apple Store. Well, the iPhone 7 will be how price?

We find all the rumors we’ve compiled for you in this video.

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