iPhone 7 Rumors – Are people BORED by Apple?

People think Apple doesn’t innovate. The great iPhone 7 is coming this year. It will be fast, have a great camera and run iOS 10. But what will it do for people’s perception?
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  1. Never owned an Apple product and I dont think I ever will since I never could get pass the single home button function. You mentioned that Apple will still sell alot of iphone 7 regardless of their "innovation" or lack of it. My question to you is, why does it matter if they really have lost their status and yet still make shyt load of money? The more important questions is; As a consumer, will you keep buying the same ole boring product over and over because its reliable to use? If the answer is yes then I don't see a problem with it. No one in my mind, will even think of upgrading their phones every year unless you're a tech nerd or have way too much money to throw away. Apple will not be able to sustain their business if consumers starts to wise up and chose to use their Iphones for years or until they die. Iphone SE is a good example of them trying to lure Iphone 5 users to buy their product.

  2. I'm really sorry about looking so tired in this video. But, I've been thinking about this topic for about a month and I just HAD to talk about it even though it drains every ounce of energy. There's nothing more boring than talking about the next iPhone…And this is really the problem.

  3. It's true. I'm a huge Apple fan and my first iPhone was the iPhone 2G!! Now i'm using the iPhone 6 Plus as my daily driver.
    But now I start to ask myself "why do I still update my iPhone almost every single year"
    I was always exciting about the Apple Keynotes but lately Apple disappoints with their Keynotes.
    I'm always like "Okay the next Keynote (or the next iPhone) will have those innovations that we are all waiting for.
    But nope….
    They could do so much more with iOS and the iPhone design in generell.
    I mean come on, we're in 2016 and iPhone still got ugly thick borders, boring OS and even iPhone(s) with 16GB ….
    It seems like Apple is always a step behind now….
    But Android is still not an option for me.

    Greetings from Germany :D

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