iPhone 7 & 7 Pro Rumors

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iPhone 7 & 7 Pro My Thoughts and Rumors
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iOS 10 Rumored Features

iOS 9.3.2 Beta 3

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Fake Jailbreak iOS 9.3.2 Beware
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iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak Update! is Jailbreaking Dead ?
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How To Get Apple TV style Notifications on iPhone
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iOS 9.3.2 Beta 1 Released
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28 Comments on iPhone 7 & 7 Pro Rumors

  1. Take a look at the Audeze Sine headphone with the Cipher Lightning cable. The cable has a tiny vol control with built in dac & headphone amplifier. This I believe is the way Apple compliant earphones and headphones will become.

  2. so I have a Lg g3 right and am currently heading out to grab a 6s plus today. been a android fanboy since 09 I started with a iphone 3g lol. should I be the 6s plus today and wait for the 8 or wait for the 7

  3. This is why I think Apple is going to do with the iPhone 7 like you say it's a transition so they're getting people ready for the iPhone 8 then when that iPhone 8 comes out I think they are going to bring the S back because the reason that they're going straight to the eight after the seven is because they really didn't have any glass displays to put on the iPhone and with them signing up with LG and Samsung to produce some of their displays it's a big deal and they're going to bring a big redesigned

  4. oh fuck… if they end up removing the headphone jack and force people to use the lightning connector, it's going to be a shit storm. I hope they don't, I want to use the headphones I already have.

  5. Nice video. First time I've heard of the smart connector and wireless charging in such detail. But A lot of the things you talked about, if implemented point to a big jump in specs rate then a transition device.
    But I do think after the earnings report Apple might be going for a major overhaul and going into overdrive, hopefully. Rumor is the headphone jack might stay also.

  6. So instead of replying to my concern about movie box doesn't appear on vshare and vshare helper ? And I couldn't reverify movie box you chose to upload another video? Fuck you unsub.

  7. Excellent video, and so much detail. Keep it up! Wanted to mention that what you said about the smart connector for charging and data, and the lightning port with adapters for audio is exactly what I thought too.

  8. Good video puts stuff into perspective. ?? i think they should give us dual speakers if there removing the headphone jack. And make the camera flush, surely can be done at those dimensions. Lets hope they push 3d touch also.

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