iPhone 7 & 7 Plus – 7 Upcoming Features- YouTube | specifications and price|Waterproofing-3GB RAM

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After all these years, chances of iPhone 7 to be water proof are really high. Patent has been submitted and though the research is still going on but we are expecting Apple to introduce this feature from the next generation phones.

Gesture passcodes are quite popular amongst the Android users and we might expect the same in iOS platform as well. In the iOS 9 platform we have to use a 6 digit passcode which the users are not at happy to use. Gesture entry technique patent has been already submitted by Apple and gesture passcode might be integrated in iPhone 7.

In the next generation phones, SIM card is expected to be integrated within the phone and it aligns with different carriers and has the same feature as the normal SIM card. Introduction of this feature in iPhone 7 is going to make the phone far more secured.

Wireless charging unit was expected to arrive along with iPhone 6s, however it was not introduced. So we are expecting Apple to introduce wireless charging option in…

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