iPhone 6s VS LG G4 – Speed & Camera Test!

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iPhone 6s VS LG G4 – Speed & Camera Quality Test – Which is Fastest?
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  1. so which one we should prefer ?

    in turkey we have to pay approximately 985$ for iphone 6s, lg g4 costs 579$ and xperia z5 costs 808$.

    iphone is too expensive for me.
    altough z5 is more newer than g4, Lg g4 better..

    what do you think ?

  2. Keep in mind the G4 is pushing WAY more pixels which means it has to process all of that. G4 is 2560 by 1440 which is 3.7 million pixels. The IPhone 6s is a mere 1334 by 750 which is only 1 million pixels. The G4 is effectively processing almost 4 times the graphical/animation/graphics data than the IPhone 6s. That is a truly amazing feat. Although the fact that Apple can make a 1334 by 750 screen look as good as they do is pretty amazing as well.

  3. This video shows how underrated the G4 is. If you went only by the bench marks you would swear the G4 would lose. I know since I have the G4 but if you go from app to app quickly even without using the multitasking option that hexa core snaprdragon processor really picks up steam the faster you go. If the phone has been on stand by awhile that processor is sleep! if you go through like 6 or 7 apps quickly….whew!!!! that thing rolls. This helps with battery life which at times I've gotten in between 38-40 hours of battery and be at about 9 or 10% battery. With my quick charger from 10%-100 takes just over an hour. like 70 minutes I think

  4. actually have the G3 ..that g4 pretty much fix all the lag from the g3 wich is good but the phone is bigger and more sharp corner ..also I have to order a new camera screen cover due to scratching ..very low quality product

  5. The difference is the g4 has 3 and a half times more pixels than the iphone, its 2560×1440 vs 1334×750, g4 is flawless in performance, the real debate is, smaller v bigger or ios vs android, the gap between iphones and android devices performance is now redundant.

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