iPhone 6S vs iPhone 6 | Boot, App Launch & Touch ID Speed Test

The new iPhone 6S offers a range of new features, including a more powerful A9 processor alongside 2GB of RAM.

With iOS 9.1 now available for all devices (4S or later), how much faster and more responsive is the new iPhone 6S in everyday use?

In this video, I test Boot Time, Touch ID and App Loading to find out how much difference the new hardware really has on performance.

You can check out my full Touch ID speed test, along with unboxing and first impressions videos on my channel right now.

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15 Comments on iPhone 6S vs iPhone 6 | Boot, App Launch & Touch ID Speed Test

  1. When compared side by side you notice the 6 being a little slower but honestly it's the same phone all around. Both phone are still faster than most of the competition. But in my opinions I think Apple pretty much perfect the iPhone with the 6s model. I think that anything above the 6s will just be a gimmick to sell newer models. Wireless charging is a joke, it takes for ever to charge my Galaxy s6. I tested the camera on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, the difference is super minimal. Unless the iPhone 7 is 5x faster than the 6s and has a 20 megapixel camera I don't think an upgrade will be necessary for me.´╗┐

  2. Good video but testing only the stock apps and 1 game won't really show that much of a difference in speed. You need to test out more third party apps because some third party apps shows a significant difference´╗┐

  3. Wait I still have the iPhone 3, I mean it's a phone not an Xbox One. I don't use a phone to play fucking games. I see 9 year olds with the fucking iPhone 6, it's a phone not a gaming device. I'm thinking of getting the Samsung Galaxy S7 considering they are PHONES. Unlike Apple who makes them gaming devices. The iPhone 6s doesn't shoot 4K video. My sister has it and I compared it to my 4K camera and the 6S looked like shit compared to it. Also, if any fanboy comments on here and get's mad because I am stating my opinion go fuck yourself. It's a fucking PHONE.´╗┐

  4. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 S are very FAR in terms of speed.. just like when comparing iPhone 5 S to iPhone 6.. their so close in speed.. Starting from iPhone 5 until iPhone 6 still 1GB of ram hahaha .. i BET iOS 12 would be the last OS for iPhone 6 and 5s´╗┐

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