iPhone 6S vs Galaxy Note 5 – Detailed Speed Test + Benchmarks

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A Detailed speed test and benchmark test between the iPhone 6S Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

►Speedtest/Benchmark Playlist: https://goo.gl/eCq3hQ

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31 Comments on iPhone 6S vs Galaxy Note 5 – Detailed Speed Test + Benchmarks

  1. did u see the note 5 win like 3 times in a row but they called them a toe like 3 times in a row I am not saying that because I have a note 5 I have a 6splus I think it was a bad video

  2. iPhone powering 1920×1080 pixels, Note 5 powering 2560×1440 pixels. Yet the Note 5 only lost marginally in tests and won Antutu and Geekbench multi thread

  3. Dude.. you need to understand the trick that Apple uses to fake it's speed in app opening. whenever you close an app it stores a screenshot of the last screen . so next time when you click on it again, it shows you the screens got first whereas the app is STILL LOADING in the background. try clicking the keys of your dialer the second you launch it… it doesn't work cause it's just a screenshot! whereas note 5 had extra work to upscale the default 1080p content unto 2k and still kept it's pace. it's 100% genuine and fast device among all others..! GalaxyROCKS

  4. I am freaking crazy about both phones. But apple smartphones with a bit lower specs but the new Note 5 is a bit cheap premium smartphones with higher specs. But why Note 5 lose iPhone 6s???

  5. I'm curious if it would make a difference if Apple would put 8 cores clocked at 2.0 ghz , a better gpu and 4gb of ram on their next iPhone . Would it be the fastest phone ever , maybe ? xD

  6. note 5 have different typr of multitasking…we can minimize apps ,we can use 2 apps using multiwindow, we can use several apps at same time using pop up window by squeezing it,…..and its at&t version which takes lil more time to boot than intetnational…all in all note 5 is faster and way featurefull..

  7. All you guys fighting over what phone is better are making me laugh. Different phones do different things better than the other. Some people will pick the Samsung for a better camera or for the gorilla glass. But I don't drop my phone or use the camera that often. I have an iPhone and it's not perfect. But neither is the Samsung

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