iPhone 6S Teardown Review

Last year Apple embraced the “bigger is better” trend with the release of their 6 Plus. This year the “S” series got an upgraded processor and motion coprocessor, as well as an improved Touch ID sensor and the addition of 3D Touch—among other things. Of course, we had to get our hands on an iPhone 6s Plus as soon as possible. So we sent a crew to Australia to grab the phone early. Without further ado, let’s tear this sucker down.

Check out the full teardown at iFixit.com

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  1. Questions: my 6s is pretty new but it's already been getting wear and tear. It's so far been peed on bye a dog, dropped in sand at the beach, dropped, and was left outside overnight and got covered in frost. The phones been working fine completely since then, but I'm just wondering do you think my phone is now out of warranty? I looked in the SIM card slot and the sensor is still white, but are the other 2 inside red? Just wondering thank you

  2. this is why I would never buy a iPhone, they use Samsung's products to build one then try to sue because they thought Samsung was stealing their ideas, apple is fraudulent

  3. I really like your teardowns and I have subscribed and liked :). Can I ask a massive favour? I really want a photo of the internals (just the screen removed) looking straight down at the phone so that I can set it as my wallpaper zoomed to exactly the right spot so it looks like you're actually looking into the phone. I think that would look pretty cool. If you do take a photo for me I will be forever in your debt :P

  4. Would it be possible to replace the memory card inside of the iPhone?
    Like i'd buy a 16gb Version and find a memory card with much more space for a cheaper price?

  5. Lots of other Youtubers flew to Australia to be the first to make videos of the iPhone 6S. One person flew to Australia to just be the first to do a drop test. I think he did the test right outside the store just to be first. Makes sense though.

  6. So, the storage chip is made by Toshiba. Probably Apple is paying a few more dollars to Toshiba for a 64GB chip than they pay for a 16GB. Why do they charge 100 more dollars to cuatomers for that?

  7. Thanks for the teardown review.
    The previous iterations (iPhone 6 and 5S) had issues with the build quality, with the display not fitting into the frame properly. Guess the adhesive now on the perimeter of this one should address such issues. Comments anyone? +iFixit Video

  8. All the teardown and not a single mention of the A9 chip? I mean is it indeed a dual core or it has more cores? What's the point of tearing it down if you don't know/tell the exact specs you're seeing?

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