iPhone 6s Review! (Apple 2015 iPhone 6s 128gb Space Grey Review)

iPhone 6s review! Review of Apple’s new 2015 iPhone 6s 128gb Space Grey smartphone which also comes in new Rose Gold!
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iPhone 6s Plus Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GBa5ZRWzSM

iPhone 6s Plus Bend Test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1saRciwhxWc

How to enable iPhone 6s 4K video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4uFDwuAXtU

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47 Comments on iPhone 6s Review! (Apple 2015 iPhone 6s 128gb Space Grey Review)

  1. Should I get the s6 edge plus 32gb or the 6s 64gb? I use my phone for watching movies, instagram, texting, and calling. Although the big screen seems appealing force touch looks cool for texting, but I do like the idea of multi task on the s6 edge plus. Please help me!

  2. I hope I win your giveaway on Twitter I've watched all of your videos and liked them. I also have been watch TG for a year he has some good game play on his channel and you have really good reviews on your channel. Pretty soon I'm hoping to start a YouTube channel of my own. Keep up the good work and I hope I win the giveaway.

  3. I really enjoy watching your videos for helping me learn about all of the recent and best technology out there. Also I would love to win the iPhone 6s Plus. I would be so happy and thankful if I win

  4. I want the gold iPhone 6s. I would want this phone because my current phone is slow and I had it for 3 years . I will be very grateful if I win. Good luck to everyone else

  5. Hi, iphone 6s plus in space grey, it would mean the absolute entire world to me. Thank you so much once again for doing this, you're the best. Btw, love your channel oh my god hahaha

  6. Hey Fili, congratulations for 26k subscribers and I want an iPhone to gift my mother on her birthday so please fulfill my dream to gift my mother an iPhone because I cannot afford it. May God Bless You. Thank You very much.

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